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15 years ago my daughter was almost non-verbal when we met Miss Jamie.  She does therapy with her heart and mind.  Since then she has been my daughter’s therapist. Not only my daughter is verbal now but also she is able to express her feelings thanks to Miss Jamie and her team’s treatments.  We are very grateful to have her in our lives. Every time we needed help regardless of the day or time, she has always provided service to us. We highly recommend her and her team.

The J. family

As a mother of 3 children with developmental disabilities, I am grateful every day that we have Jamie, Joni and their team in our lives.  They are a bright light and a beacon of hope in what has sometimes felt like darkness.  They are caring, supportive, insightful, and absolutely priceless resources when I don't know how to proceed or what to do next.  They have brought my children out of their isolation and given them the confidence to be themselves.  Through Jamie and Joni's encouragement, acceptance, and expertise, my children are learning the skills to work through and accept their difficulties and find and develop their strengths to have rewarding and happy lives.  They have come a long way under their care.  Thank-you, Jamie and Joni!

D.P.- D, J & M’s mother

Joni has been working with DM for about 8 years.  It has been such a wonderful experience for us all!  DM looks forward to the sessions and they are always planned around her interests. She also gets to have time in the community and broaden her knowledge of the world.  DM has begun to initiate interactions and has developed ways to ask for her needs to be addressed.   Joni demonstrates skill, knowledge, creativity and compassion!  She is one of a kind!

S.M. – a parent

My teenage son had severely dysregulated behaviors resulting from his neurological, developmental disability. Medications, traditional counseling, and behavior management techniques had not helped. His behavior grew so increasingly out of control that I was running out of hope. Jamie, at TELL Enterprises, was recommended to me by another parent in our special needs community.  I was told that Jamie specialized in behavioral support training with children, teens and adults with diverse levels of physical, emotional, intellectual and developmental abilities.

Jamie came to our home and conducted a thorough behavioral assessment with my son and our whole family. She visited our home twice weekly for intensive training with my son and our entire family in order to help us all learn more effective ways of responding to stress and challenging behaviors instead of depending on traditional punitive behavior management techniques.

Jamie also met with all of my son’s school teachers, caregivers, case managers, and counselors in order to train everyone on my son’s Behavioral Support Plan. She was able to explain to everyone the unique learning and information processing challenges faced by my son.  As everyone increased their usage of effective communication while following a consistent and supportive plan, my son was able to decrease his aggressive behavior and increase his ability to cope with stress and lead a more peaceful life.

Jamie was able to bring order to an out of control situation while maintaining empathy, warmth, and unconditional support for my son and family.  She helped advocate for my son at school meetings and she was instrumental in helping my son access community resources he needed to assist with ongoing services. Because of Jamie’s help, my son is able to live a healthier, safer, more independent life. Jamie truly cares about the individuals and families she helps. I would highly recommend Jamie’s BCBA services to anyone seeking answers for a special loved one’s behavioral needs.

A.C.- a parent

Life of a Miracle Child
It has been almost 26 years since the day OZM was born.  He came into this world four months early at only 1 pound, 6 ounces.  When he was born he began having seizures which made a blood vessel pop, leaving him with cerebral palsy, autism and mental retardation.  The doctors informed us the IF he lived he would never live past 2 years old.  They also said he would never walk, talk or strive in any aspect of his short life.  We have far outlived his lifespan and he has reached every milestone they said he wouldn’t. My mother took him in until the age of 12 when God released him back unto me. Z was in love with the color green, we believe it was for the beautiful life he was given.  One day he put away his green and fell in love with anything red, in the same way Christ gave His live and shed his blood for us. He will be 26 next month and I can say it has been the most amazing yet challenging journey of my life. Z and I have grown together, over the years I have learned to feel for him and to understand his every move and action because he can’t vocalize. I am forever grateful that not only does he have a voice in me but also in his behavioral therapist Jamie. We have had many ups and downs but today Z is just like any other kid shining his light on every person he meets and every room he enters.
Life is so amazing.

SRP, Z’s mother

We highly recommend Joni Rogers!  My daughter has been working with Joni for several years with great results.  Joni is extremely flexible with appointments and has been willing to meet with my daughter in public to work on communication skills in the “real world”.  Joni is not only a wonderful speech therapist but has also been a mentor, cheerleader and friend to us.

L.H.- a parent

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