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Speech Therapy Partnership Project

One of our most exciting innovations is our Speech-Behavior Partnership Project. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA’s) actively collaborate with our Speech Language Pathologists during therapy sessions.

Our Partnership Project focuses on providing services to individuals with Autism and Down Syndrome, as well as those with challenging behaviors. Those individuals whose behaviors significantly interfere with their ability to benefit from traditional speech therapy services have shown measurable benefit from participating in the Partnership Project.

In addition, our collaboration enables us to offer our client’s increased use of augmentative communication devices, on-site personalization of device software, multi-lingual services (English & Spanish) and the integration of computer technologies to increase both behavioral and communication skills.

In addition, the synergy of our team’s skills enable us to meet the challenges of behaviors generated by the frustration our clients experience when they are unable to communicate. Possibility thinking helps us understand the world through their eyes and find solutions that work for everyone.

We believe that our Speech-Behavior Partnership Project is opening new doors as both a model of professional collaboration and as a supportive, successful therapeutic environment for clients.

If you think the Speech-Behavior Partnership Project will benefit you or your child, we encourage you to contact us.

Speech Therapy

TELL provides extensive evaluations and remediation of speech, language, learning and social/pragmatic disorders. All the therapists at TELL Enterprises are licensed by the state of Texas.

We are dedicated to the development of communication, education, and social skills in children, teens and adults. We consider the whole individual when evaluating communication skills, providing quality therapy tailored to individual needs and coordinating closely with other professionals, such as PTs, OTs and BCBAs, when needed. We adhere to the principles of integrity, professional ethics, supportiveness and acceptance.

Speech therapy services include:

Conducting speech/language assessment and making recommendations;
Providing therapy to develop strategies for improved functional communication skills in meaningful, appropriate activities and settings, including home and community locations.
Utilizing a variety of communication modalities, including verbal language, American Sign Language (ASL), Signed English and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, including iPad applications, such as Proloquo2go.

Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy is provided by nationally certified Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA’s). We work to implement the philosophy that ‘children do well when they can’ and believe that children and adults do well when they are provided with the structure and supports of a nurturing environment.

We provide the following services as part of behavior therapy:

Behavioral assessments with recommendations to
Performing the necessary evaluations to develop strategies for:
Develop effective strategies
Improve client interactions.
Reduce maladaptive behaviors.
Create meaningful and appropriate activities, and
Resolve issues of concern to the client and their family.
Individual therapy in our clinic, at consumer’s home and in the community
Implementing a plan of behavioral strategies, activity routines, and/or skills development programs, and monitoring their effectiveness.
Supporting and educating client’s family, friends, or other service providers about interacting with a client whose behaviors may interfere with independent living.
Applying interactive strategies with a client regarding his emotional, behavioral, or social needs.
Modeling ideal treatment practices for dealing with client needs.
Working closely with your psychiatrist in developing an appropriate treatment when psychiatric issues requiring medication are present.


Medicaid Waivers: We are providers with three Medicaid waivers: CLASS, HCS and Texas Home Living. If you are enrolled in those programs and want speech or behavior therapy, talk with your case manager.

ATCIC: We are providers with Austin Travis County Integral Care. If you are a client of Integral Care, talk with your service coordinator about receiving speech and/or behavior therapy.

IBM Special Needs: If you are an employee of IBM, we can help you submit an application to the Special Needs program for reimbursement for speech and/or behavior therapy.

Private Insurance: We are an out-of-network provider for private insurance. If you have private insurance, we will work with you to get therapy approved by your insurance company.

Forms & Information

Therapy at the clinic– Some information about what to expect when you come to the clinic for therapy.

New office Highland– For your convenience here is a map to the office with email & cell phone numbers for all the therapists

HIPAA– Please print, sign & bring this to your first appointment

Release of Information– Please print, sign & bring this to your first appointment

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