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NEW address: 314 E Highland Mall Blvd #112

Technology Enhanced Learning and Living is a small local agency based in Austin, Texas. Our mission is to serve individuals with disabilities and their families by designing and implementing innovative methods of service delivery.

What does that really mean to you? Our goal at Technology Enhanced Learning and Living is to create a place where possibility thinking is put in action. To us, everything is possible. We actively seek new and different ways to meet our client’s needs.

Our programs, like our exciting Speech-Behavior Partnership, bring together professional from different fields in innovative, collaborative endeavors- possibility thinking at work. We believe that by working together in new and different ways we can multiply our productivity, creativity and insight.

We invite you to learn more about Technology Enhanced Learning and Living

if you are looking for a new and different approach
if innovative services and programs are part of your solution

We are confident that possibility thinking will be as exciting for you as it is for us!

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